Property Management

As property managers Valueconsult Limited strives to maximise our clients return on investment, our multi-faced approach will include; Rent Assesment, Letting, Rent Collection, Handling tenants Complaints, Supervision of caretaking staff, general repairs and maintanance and payment of bills

Rent Assessment;

It will be our duty to advise you on the appropriate market rents to demand for the bungalow after taking into account the prevailing market rents and trends of comparable bungalows in the neighbourhood ( to avoid loss of rents by charging rents which are lower than the market rents).
In future, it will also be our duty to negotiate on your behalf reviews of rent in order to ensure maximum returns on the investment.


It will be our responsibility to re-let any bungalow that subsequently falls vacant and to ensure that vacating tenants comply with their obligations in respect to re-decoration and repairs.We shall ensure that there are no vacants and / or voids within the building. We shall ensure that any vacant bungalow gets a tenant within the shortest time possible through effective , extensive and aggressive marketing of the said vacant bungalow.

Rent Collection;

It will be our responsibility to collect on your behalf all rents that fall due for payment and submit to you computerized monthly statements together with the cheque for the rents collected by the 15th of the month. (We shall ensure that the tenants pay their rents on time and that there are no rent defaulters / rent arrears to ensure that you have constant flow of income).

Handling Tenants’ Complaints;

It will be our responsibility to ensure that tenants observe their covenants in the tenancy agreements. It will be our duty to solve all tenants’ disputes and/or complaints that may arise (to allow you have free time without disturbances from the tenants).

Supervision of Caretaking staff;

It will be our duty to supervise any caretaking staff such as security guards, caretaker and/or cleaner (if any) to ensure that the buildings are secure and clean at all times in order to maintain and attract good and reputable tenants that pay their rents on time.

General Repairs and Maintenance;

We will be conducting periodic inspections of the building including the fixtures and installations (if any), to ensure that the building structures and fittings and/or installations are in good working state of repairs and maintenance at all times, where repairs are needed we shall seek your approval to carry out such repairs in order to avoid any unnecessary and / or unplanned expenditures. We shall also ensure proper and effective supervision of any repair works to avoid unnecessary wastages and / or poor workmanship.

Payment of Bills;

We shall ensure that payments for the buildings bills such as land rates, water bills and electricity bills are paid on time to avoid any unnecessary penalties on late payments and disconnections that may result to unplanned payments.

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