Property Marketing and Letting

•We shall advise you on the appropriate market rents to demand for the flats in order to avoid the flats being over priced and remaining vacant for long resulting to loss of rent. • We shall identify tenants in the market through extensive, effective and aggressive marketing of the flats by popularising and exposing the flats to the potential tenants • We shall also assist you to design a tenancy agreement that will suit and protect your interest and needs.

Rent Assessment;

It will be our duty to advise you on the appropriate market rents to demand for the bungalow after taking into account the prevailing market rents and trends of comparable bungalows in the neighbourhood ( to avoid loss of rents by charging rents which are lower than the market rents).
In future, it will also be our duty to negotiate on your behalf reviews of rent in order to ensure maximum returns on the investment.

Exhausting our entire clients database;
We have a long list of clients both local and foreign who have enquired for similar flats to rent.

Newspaper Advertisement;

We shall run periodic advertisements in the main Daily Newspapers by placing appropriate sized advertisements with coloured photograghs and details of the flats.

Advertisement on the internet;

We shall list the flats for letting on our firms website as well as in the other property letting firms websites detailing all necessary information on the available flats for letting i.e the location, access to other areas, accomodation etc.

It is important to note that internet advertising on the website, twitter and facebook has become so popular in the property marketing in the market.

Bill Boards Advertisements;

We shall place large bill boards or signboards with distinctive signs close to and at the sites to draw prospective tenants. Bill boards and sign boards present an immediate marketing impact.

Bronchures, Flyers and Leaflets;

We shall design and print detailed high quality brochures, flyers and leaflets for distribution to prospective tenants and in the chosen locations to targeted markets to further expose and enhance awarenes about the flats for lettting. This will ensure that enough number of prospective and potential tenants are informed about the said flats which are available for letting.

Site Representatives;

We shall have a marketing site representative on the site to attend to prospective tenants on the site. The marketing representative will be presentable and articulate.

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